Maryland – Crazy March

Hello there!👋🏼
I know it has been a while since my last blogpost, but the last few weeks had been very eventful and sometimes also very stressful.🤗😅
Before the long desired Easter break and my trip to the States I had to write a lot of exams and yes… I had to pack my suitcase again because my wanderlust was enflamed again.🌎


One week before our actual Easter break started twentythree other students and I flew to Maryland where we had an amazing time.😍😍😍
But we also had crazy weather: in New York 🗽it was snowing, and back in Maryland in a City near Washington D.C. we had 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) and sunshine but also cold and rainy days. In general the weather was nothing to complain about (especially if you compare it to Germany where the temperature even dropped below the freezing point.


We did a lot of awesome things despite getting an idea of the American high school spirit. We went to D.C. where we visited the great museums at the Mall, to the Holocaust museum, inside the Capitol which was under construction unfortunately, we saw the famous Thomas Jefferson library (there might have been someone who even owned more books than my mother does, but I am not sure whether she won’t top him) and to all the great monuments.
D.C. is a very beautiful and clean city and worth seeing especially at this time of the year because of all the cherry blossoms which are blooming.🌸🌸🌸

Okay, these are magnolias but there were several kinds of pink blossoms all over the place❤️

Even though it was under construction the Capitol impressed me from its inside and outside.

Probably America’s most beautiful station: Union Sation, D.C.


Gallery of Art, D.C.



The White House


Jefferson Memorial


Abraham Lincoln


We also went to New York for two days where we stayed in Manhattan over night because the drive took us about three hours to get there. New York cannot be compared with D.C. since it is completely different. It is noisier, taller (the buildings in Washington are not allowed to be taller than the capitol) and crazier.

Of course we visited Liberty Island and Elli’s Island.unspecified3DJ2WJGW

Then we weather got much better and we went to Ground zero and viasited the gorgeous 9/11 museum. You have to go there if you ever come to New York! No one can imagine the terrible event but this hlps you to get at least a hint of what happended on September, 11 and that the people who died all had dreams, plans, families and stories.

In the evening we went to Times Square which was as bright as the day!



Of course we did not miss the opportunity to go up the Empire State Building!


On top of the ESB


My apple in “Big Apple”




Of course there was some time for shopping too!


The end of our NY trip was a guided tour of the UN Headquarter which deeply impressed all of us.

I really miss America, my host family and all the great excursions. But thanks to my host sister I am addicted to a series called Gossip Girl. Back home I ordered the entire series so that whenever I desire I can turn back time and imagine I was watching it with her on her cuuch with her two dogs in Maryland.




Aloha from Hawaii

To me it feels like a dream. Less than one year ago I was on Big Island the biggest of the five islands which are known as the state of Hawaii. The memories are sweet but seem so unreal as it was only a dream. But it is not, because I have a proof:




The long beaches, the plants, the sun, the ocean, the volcanoes, the Dolphins, the whales,… It is so hard to stop the slideshow in my head when I have started for once…💭

Hawaii is just incredible!image😍😍😍Last year I spent ten days including Easter army aunts and uncle’s house. We had such an amazing time together…One thing which has deeply impressed me was the black beach. The sand is ash from the volcanoes and depending on the water appearing in different nuances. Next to the beach was the most beautiful forest I have ever been too. I felt as if I would dive into a fictions world (like lord of the rings – which is a movie I actually have never seen). The trees seemed so magical!

Another day we went to the Akaka Falls.💦 Besides the beautiful park the eighty meter high waterfall took my breathe. 😍I saw and did so many things that I could not decide for a ranking. I usually like ranking things, but among these gorgeous activities and adventures it is impossible. 🙅🏼

Next to this it seems average but playing tennis and getting lessons in the Mauna Kea Resort which offers courts by the oseaside was another highlight of one of my greatest journeys. For me tennis is not only a sport – it is a passion🎾❤️. I got such a beautiful skirt of the Serena Williams collection from my aunt which is a reminder of these awesome days when I have lessons in Germany.😊 But even without it I could never forget this time. It simply proves that all of this was real and not only a dream.


I almost got hit by a golf ball which was falling down from the sky. It sounds funnier than it was…


On Easter we went for a brunch at the Four Seasons. We had a nice table by the beach. My aunt is the best chef I know, even better than my grandma (sorry for this, but you are the second best❤️) so it was challenging for the uncountable chefs there to offer us food which has a chance of compete ting against hers. But I think they did quite a good job…


Okay, enough food porn. You want to get to know more about Hawaii, right?

A great way of discovering the island is going on a helicopter ride. Unfortunately the day we went the volcanoes where active so we could not fly above them. Anyway the experience was unique and the pictures in my head are breath taking. Every time I think back I have the song Good Life on my mind because it had been played on the flight when we were above the high valleys covered all in green which reminds me of the volvic water.

One day we went on a traditional market where we bought flowers 🌺🌺🌺and food. It was a weekly market but it seemed to me as if it was arranged for tourists or something which is stupid because it was just a normal Hawaiian market in little white tents.

Two days we took my uncle’s boat 🚤to see whales. He and his friend who is like family own a real equipment to locate them. We were lucky and saw one after about one hour of searching for them. Then we glanced another smaller one which was a baby whale (who still was way bigger than our boat). The whales were bigger than busses 🐋but that moment I was not scared at all. They must be surrounded by a peaceful aura or something. They made me calm down and I quickly forgot about my sea sickness. That day we saw many whales and some dived under or boat and played with us so that I could have touched them.🐳


On our way back to the port I sat on the rim of the boat with one foot in the water. My aunt hold me so that I could pretend as if I was Rose from Titanic. It was like flying. I felt so free like I never did before.
The other day we went out by boat we only saw two whales from apart but lots of dolphins instead which was not bad either🐬.

While working out together with my sister on the cross trainer and the rowing machine I looked at the ocean trough the window and some fountains coming out of the water. My uncle called us and we saw whales jumping out of the water.
On the day we left it was similar as if they wanted to say good bye.

Flying back was sad, but since we flew to California I did not need to cry (which I did hardly on our flight back to Germany).


I learned that Aloha is not a word. It is a spirit.
This spirit cannot be described with words and has to be experienced. I am so glad that I had the chance to and I am sure that I will come back one day!


Even the water is different: this photo is taken trough the water! How crazy is this? I have never seen such clear water…

Everything is so different from here: the people, the animals,the flowers, fruits and plants, the weather, the airport (there are no walls at all, except for the sanitary rooms), …


For example Hawaii does not has seasons, so they do not have a summer or winter time. When it is summer time in Germany the time shift is twelve hours. I called my grandparents after I got up when it was already seven in the evening in Germany. Their day was almost over and mine had just started.

Oh, how much I miss the time… But as mentioned above do mI will definitely go to Hawaii again🌺🌴🌸🌞


imagePS: The Hawaiian strawberries I had on Easter are the best ones I ever had. (And I had lots…😂😅😌)

Paris – le guide culinare françois

Paris. The French food is really worth a try. Not only the sweet and well-known food like crêpes and croissants are excellent, but also lunch and dinner.

In the morning French people usually only have a croissant or a baguette. Lunch isn’t much too, but dinner which is hold late can take several hours and consists of several courses.


Here is my Top 10 of food and places you need to to try when you are in France: 🍽 🇫🇷

1. Crêpes – you might already know them, but usually they are sold with chocolate spread or jam in most countries. You really should go to a real “Crêperie” where you can choose between sweet and salty Crêpes. Usually the salty ones are made with whole wheat floor. I really recommend “Saint Jaques” which is a salty crêpe with fish, oysters, shrimps and salmon. But if you don’t like fish they also sell Crêpes with sausages, eggs or schnitzels. For those who prefer the sweet ones are many different flavour said and kinds offered, too.🍥😉recette-e16709-galette-de-sarrasin-poireaux-et-noix-de-saint-jacques

2. Sneals – Many restaurants only offer French menus, so you might have to look for “escargots” to find this delicious food. I really recommend trying them, maybe as a starter before dinner, because they taste very good and you don’t need to fear them. Many people are afraid of eating them, because they fear their consistency. But there is no need to be scared: they have the same consistency as meat and taste like mushrooms. Just give it a try!😉


3. Macaroons – this treat has become very popular over the last few years. It’s a treat which can be bought as a souvenir too. You will find lots of shops which sell them. I really recommend the pink ones (fraise🍓 or framboise/ strawberry or raspberry ) but there are many different flavours like pistachios, lemon-truffel, chocolate, coffee, peanut,… So if you try one and you don’t like it, try another color!💁🏼❤️🍓image

4. Chichis – in Spain they are also known well as “Churros”. You can buy them on the Christmas markets ❄️ to have something traditional because they don’t sell burned almonds like you are used to them, only peanuts… I personally don’t like Chichis which are thick fried dough coated with sugar or dipped in chocolate🍫


5. Cheesecake Framboise – okay, okay, I have to admit that this is nothing French, but I ate it almost everyday at Starbucks so it deserves a place under the Top 10 here😂. If you want something different from croissants for breakfast but still something sweet or just want to sit down in the afternoon step by at Starbucks and try this Cheesecake with raspberries.🍰image

6. Baguette – is often called French sandwiches in Paris so don’t complain if you order a sandwich and get a Babette instead. French people often have this for lunch because of there huge dinners. In my opinion the best baguettes can be found at crosscroute.🇫🇷

7. French Dinner – Now I don’t mention food but a restaurant. This restaurant is a great one where you can order exclusive meals for little money. I recommend “Civet de Marcassin aux airelles,purée de patate douche” which is shout filet with mashed sweet potatoes. In General you will find a lot of game on the menu, but also seafood and vegetarian plates.💕Click here for the menu

8. Brasserie – again this is not food, but you will find those little bistros them all over the place. You can sit outside (even in December, because they heat them very well) and enjoy almost every French kind of food. It’s a lovely atmosphere there.😊brasserie_de_lisle_saint-louis_55_quai_de_bourbon_paris_2008

9. Formage – traditionally French people eat cheese as a dessert after their huge dinners. You can order plates with different sorts of cheese in almost every French restaurant🧀Quesos diferentes variedades - Different cheeses varieties

10. Frog’s legs – it’s very difficult to find a place to eat them because the French people are usually cooking them at home. Unfortunately I couldn’t try them, but next time I definitely will! They are supposed to taste like chicken, so don’t be afraid of trying them!🐸


Paris – Bonne Année

Paris.🇫🇷 Discovering new places has always been one of my favorite occupations. Here is a short review how to spend an amazing time in the city of love. 💕

A great area to stay is Palais Royal. From there you can reach almost everything without using the Metro or the bus.😊 Exploring a city is an advantage because you get a better idea of the charge of the city and you see things you would have missed otherwise. 💁🏼
Here is a Top 10 of places you should have been to if you ever go to Paris in Winter❄️:

1. Louvre – the architecture of the building itself is even more impressing than the paintings inside. A part of it is modern but it also consists of three old palaces. Especially at night the Louvre is a beautiful sight from the outside too🌝🌚✨

2. Champs Élysés – here you find nice stores like Hilfiger, Long Champ, Abercrombie, Tiffany & Co,… But also a mall if the weather is too bad.❄️ Here is where people meet to celebrate New Year✨ Because of the recent events the firework had been canceled last/this year but there was a light show at the…👇🏼

3. Arc de Triomphe – I even prefer the view you have when you go on top of it to the one you have if you climb the Eiffeltower, because your panorama contains the most famous sight of Paris (the Eiffeltower) from here😉

4. Village de Noël – this is a lovely Christmas market which is placed at the Champs Èlysès until 10th January. You missed going to a Christmas market because of the busy advent? Make it up in Paris and try “Chichis” or a crêpe with speculoos cream. You shouldn’t eat what you think are burned almonds there because they are peanuts in fact.🎄

5. Eiffeltower – of course the Top 10 needs to contain this sight. But it shouldn’t be on top because in my opinion there are better things to see. If you want to climb it you should book tickets five days in advance. But you still need to bring time with you🙈 In winter it is possible to go ice-skating next to it ⛸

6. Royal Opera – if you like operas you really should book tickets for a performance. Otherwise you can go inside and visit the incredible building itself😻

7. Gallerie Lafayette – this is a luxury mall where you can find everything. Especially the accessories department with all its bags and the food hall are impressive. In Winter you should take a glance at the Christmas Decorations too⭐️

8. Printemps – if you are impressed by the decorations of Galerie Lafayette this mall and it’s shopping Windows will even top it. Print emus just celebrated their 150th anniversary. So it’s a mall with tradition 🇫🇷🎊

9. Norte Dame – This church is the one where Jesus’ crown is restored. It’s shown seldom, but around this time of the year you might be lucky.⛪️

10. Montmatre – here you will find the carousel from the world-famous film
“The fabulous World of Amelie” and the cafe where the film had been filmed. Bu more important is Sacre Cœr another church you should have been too.😄

Of course there are many beautiful places I haven’t listed up here. But you can’t see everything in Paris even if you spend a whole year there. 🇫🇷

I am definitely going to Paris again.
Bonne Année,