Strawberry Lighthouse Dessert

Today is the official birthday of the strawberry queen so be prepared for a very-berry recipe which is not only delicious but also an eye-catcher!

But first: Thank you to all of you who thought of me today and thank you for the great presents I got! You all made my sweet seventeen (yes, I am not 16 anymore but still sweet) even sweeter.

And so does this recipe:




750g strawberries

350g plain yoghurt

1 lemon

10 spoons stevia (or sweetener of your choice)

6g vanilla sugar (or vanilla)

2 packages of gelatin



  1. Wash the strawberries and blend them. Add 4 spoons of sweeter and the gelatin (see instructions on the parcel).
  2. In another bowl mix together yoghurt, water, 6 spoons sweetener and the juice of the lemon.
  3. Now you need appropriate jars (jam jars are okay, but I prefer the ones we own. The brand is “Weck” (it’s a German brand) and there are several sizes available) to build your lighthouse. First you carefully fill in a layer of the white mixture in each jar. You might want to use a ladle or a funnel for that.
  4. Place them in your fridge and wait until it is solid (it usually takes about 30-50 minutes).
  5. Now you add a red layer on top and place them in the fridge again.
  6. Continue these steps until the jars are full and the lighthouse is built.
  7. You can also use some extra strawberries and mint leaves (or chocolate leaves/as a topping.

I know this recipe is more elaborate compared to other recipes on my blog. But if you are looking for something special, try this and you will be in heaven.


Love, Katie – the birthday girl –



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