Indian Style: Vegetarian Curry Zoodle Stir

If you don’t know about my attitude towards spice and seasonings I will tell you now. I love the variety but still I have some preferences : cinnamon, curry, cayenne pepper and black pepper.

And I -a German foodie- just made up a healthy Indian Style recipe including all these (except cinnamon) plus a lot of vegetable.

So here you go:image


(2 Servings)

2 big zucchinis

5 carrots

250g champignons

250g baby tomatoes

300g quark/ Greek yoghurt

Black pepper

Cayenne pepper




1. Wash the vegetables.

2. Cut the champignons, tomatoes and carrots

3. Boil the carrot slices in some water in a huge pan.

4. While this prepare   Zoodles  (for further instructions click on the word).

5. Pour 95% of the water the carrots have been in in a mug to drink it later (it contains lots of vitamins😉) .

6. Add champignons, tomatoes and zoodles and slow down the heat a little.

7. When the zoodles are al dente turn of the heat completely and add curry and pepper to taste.

8. Stir in the quark/Greek yoghurt.

9. You might want to add more pepper or curry.

10. There you go, enjoy!




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