Maryland – Crazy March

Hello there!πŸ‘‹πŸΌ
I know it has been a while since my last blogpost, but the last few weeks had been very eventful and sometimes also very stressful.πŸ€—πŸ˜…
Before the long desired Easter break and my trip to the States I had to write a lot of exams and yes… I had to pack my suitcase again because my wanderlust was enflamed again.🌎


One week before our actual Easter break started twentythree other students and I flew to Maryland where we had an amazing time.😍😍😍
But we also had crazy weather: in New York πŸ—½it was snowing, and back in Maryland in a City near Washington D.C. we had 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) and sunshine but also cold and rainy days. In general the weather was nothing to complain about (especially if you compare it to Germany where the temperature even dropped below the freezing point.


We did a lot of awesome things despite getting an idea of the American high school spirit. We went to D.C. where we visited the great museums at the Mall, to the Holocaust museum, inside the Capitol which was under construction unfortunately, we saw the famous Thomas Jefferson library (there might have been someone who even owned more books than my mother does, but I am not sure whether she won’t top him) and to all the great monuments.
D.C. is a very beautiful and clean city and worth seeing especially at this time of the year because of all the cherry blossoms which are blooming.🌸🌸🌸

Okay, these are magnolias but there were several kinds of pink blossoms all over the place❀️

Even though it was under construction the Capitol impressed me from its inside and outside.

Probably America’s most beautiful station: Union Sation, D.C.


Gallery of Art, D.C.



The White House


Jefferson Memorial


Abraham Lincoln


We also went to New York for two days where we stayed in Manhattan over night because the drive took us about three hours to get there. New York cannot be compared with D.C. since it is completely different. It is noisier, taller (the buildings in Washington are not allowed to be taller than the capitol) and crazier.

Of course we visited Liberty Island and Elli’s Island.unspecified3DJ2WJGW

Then we weather got much better and we went to Ground zero and viasited the gorgeous 9/11 museum. You have to go there if you ever come to New York! No one can imagine the terrible event but this hlps you to get at least a hint of what happended on September, 11 and that the people who died all had dreams, plans, families and stories.

In the evening we went to Times Square which was as bright as the day!



Of course we did not miss the opportunity to go up the Empire State Building!


On top of the ESB


My apple in “Big Apple”




Of course there was some time for shopping too!


The end of our NY trip was a guided tour of the UN Headquarter which deeply impressed all of us.

I really miss America, my host family and all the great excursions. But thanks to my host sister I am addicted to a series called Gossip Girl. Back home I ordered the entire series so that whenever I desire I can turn back time and imagine I was watching it with her on her cuuch with her two dogs in Maryland.




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