Salmon Spinach Quiche


Last month I went to a birthday party which was a “Crime Dinner”. 😵🔫Everyone who was invited got a script in advance and a character (I was the murderer😎🙊). During the dinner with several courses the play developed and in the end everyone has the chance to suspect one.🤔 One guest suspected me, but the other girls did not find out that I killed the victim.😈😏

Why am I writing about this funny and exciting evening?

Because the main course was a Quiche Lorraine which inspired me to bake a quiche the next weekend too!☺️
But I used different ingredients and made it healthier. 😉Honestly this was so good that I ate more than half of it on my own😂🙊🙈🙆🏼.IMG_9104

Ingredients :

For the crust:

175 g wholewheat flour

90 g butter


The filling:
100 g smoked salmon
250 g leaves spinach (fresh or frozen)
150 g cottagecheese
125 g low-fat quark or Greek yoghurt
125ml buttermilk
1 egg
1 egg yolk
Black pepper


Prepare the dough kneading all the ingredients plus 3 spoons of water together. Depending on the flour you have chosen you might need to add some butter.Put it in the freezer for at least 30 Minutes.

During this action you can start to slice the salmon into very tiny pieces and fry them without additional fat in a pan for a very short time (until they change their colour slightly). Mix it together with the cooked or defrosted spinach. Add some nutmeg and pepper to it.
In a seperate can mix together the quark/Greek yoghurt with the buttermilk, the egg and the egg yolk. Again you can add some nutmeg and pepper.IMG_9080

Grease a pie form and press in the dough so that it covers everything. The crust is meant to be thin.
Now you press into the dough with a fork several times, to avoid a dry crust.IMG_9081

Bake your crust for 10 minutes at 390F (200C) degrees.

Put the spinach-salmon mix on top of it and top this with cottagecheese.

Pour the milk-quark-mix over it and bake it at 390F (200C) degrees for about 30 minutes this time.
This way you get a wonderful result:

Love, Katie🍓🍓🍓


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