Paris – le guide culinare françois

Paris. The French food is really worth a try. Not only the sweet and well-known food like crêpes and croissants are excellent, but also lunch and dinner.

In the morning French people usually only have a croissant or a baguette. Lunch isn’t much too, but dinner which is hold late can take several hours and consists of several courses.


Here is my Top 10 of food and places you need to to try when you are in France: 🍽 🇫🇷

1. Crêpes – you might already know them, but usually they are sold with chocolate spread or jam in most countries. You really should go to a real “Crêperie” where you can choose between sweet and salty Crêpes. Usually the salty ones are made with whole wheat floor. I really recommend “Saint Jaques” which is a salty crêpe with fish, oysters, shrimps and salmon. But if you don’t like fish they also sell Crêpes with sausages, eggs or schnitzels. For those who prefer the sweet ones are many different flavour said and kinds offered, too.🍥😉recette-e16709-galette-de-sarrasin-poireaux-et-noix-de-saint-jacques

2. Sneals – Many restaurants only offer French menus, so you might have to look for “escargots” to find this delicious food. I really recommend trying them, maybe as a starter before dinner, because they taste very good and you don’t need to fear them. Many people are afraid of eating them, because they fear their consistency. But there is no need to be scared: they have the same consistency as meat and taste like mushrooms. Just give it a try!😉


3. Macaroons – this treat has become very popular over the last few years. It’s a treat which can be bought as a souvenir too. You will find lots of shops which sell them. I really recommend the pink ones (fraise🍓 or framboise/ strawberry or raspberry ) but there are many different flavours like pistachios, lemon-truffel, chocolate, coffee, peanut,… So if you try one and you don’t like it, try another color!💁🏼❤️🍓image

4. Chichis – in Spain they are also known well as “Churros”. You can buy them on the Christmas markets ❄️ to have something traditional because they don’t sell burned almonds like you are used to them, only peanuts… I personally don’t like Chichis which are thick fried dough coated with sugar or dipped in chocolate🍫


5. Cheesecake Framboise – okay, okay, I have to admit that this is nothing French, but I ate it almost everyday at Starbucks so it deserves a place under the Top 10 here😂. If you want something different from croissants for breakfast but still something sweet or just want to sit down in the afternoon step by at Starbucks and try this Cheesecake with raspberries.🍰image

6. Baguette – is often called French sandwiches in Paris so don’t complain if you order a sandwich and get a Babette instead. French people often have this for lunch because of there huge dinners. In my opinion the best baguettes can be found at crosscroute.🇫🇷

7. French Dinner – Now I don’t mention food but a restaurant. This restaurant is a great one where you can order exclusive meals for little money. I recommend “Civet de Marcassin aux airelles,purée de patate douche” which is shout filet with mashed sweet potatoes. In General you will find a lot of game on the menu, but also seafood and vegetarian plates.💕Click here for the menu

8. Brasserie – again this is not food, but you will find those little bistros them all over the place. You can sit outside (even in December, because they heat them very well) and enjoy almost every French kind of food. It’s a lovely atmosphere there.😊brasserie_de_lisle_saint-louis_55_quai_de_bourbon_paris_2008

9. Formage – traditionally French people eat cheese as a dessert after their huge dinners. You can order plates with different sorts of cheese in almost every French restaurant🧀Quesos diferentes variedades - Different cheeses varieties

10. Frog’s legs – it’s very difficult to find a place to eat them because the French people are usually cooking them at home. Unfortunately I couldn’t try them, but next time I definitely will! They are supposed to taste like chicken, so don’t be afraid of trying them!🐸



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