Paris – Bonne Année

Paris.🇫🇷 Discovering new places has always been one of my favorite occupations. Here is a short review how to spend an amazing time in the city of love. 💕

A great area to stay is Palais Royal. From there you can reach almost everything without using the Metro or the bus.😊 Exploring a city is an advantage because you get a better idea of the charge of the city and you see things you would have missed otherwise. 💁🏼
Here is a Top 10 of places you should have been to if you ever go to Paris in Winter❄️:

1. Louvre – the architecture of the building itself is even more impressing than the paintings inside. A part of it is modern but it also consists of three old palaces. Especially at night the Louvre is a beautiful sight from the outside too🌝🌚✨

2. Champs Élysés – here you find nice stores like Hilfiger, Long Champ, Abercrombie, Tiffany & Co,… But also a mall if the weather is too bad.❄️ Here is where people meet to celebrate New Year✨ Because of the recent events the firework had been canceled last/this year but there was a light show at the…👇🏼

3. Arc de Triomphe – I even prefer the view you have when you go on top of it to the one you have if you climb the Eiffeltower, because your panorama contains the most famous sight of Paris (the Eiffeltower) from here😉

4. Village de Noël – this is a lovely Christmas market which is placed at the Champs Èlysès until 10th January. You missed going to a Christmas market because of the busy advent? Make it up in Paris and try “Chichis” or a crêpe with speculoos cream. You shouldn’t eat what you think are burned almonds there because they are peanuts in fact.🎄

5. Eiffeltower – of course the Top 10 needs to contain this sight. But it shouldn’t be on top because in my opinion there are better things to see. If you want to climb it you should book tickets five days in advance. But you still need to bring time with you🙈 In winter it is possible to go ice-skating next to it ⛸

6. Royal Opera – if you like operas you really should book tickets for a performance. Otherwise you can go inside and visit the incredible building itself😻

7. Gallerie Lafayette – this is a luxury mall where you can find everything. Especially the accessories department with all its bags and the food hall are impressive. In Winter you should take a glance at the Christmas Decorations too⭐️

8. Printemps – if you are impressed by the decorations of Galerie Lafayette this mall and it’s shopping Windows will even top it. Print emus just celebrated their 150th anniversary. So it’s a mall with tradition 🇫🇷🎊

9. Norte Dame – This church is the one where Jesus’ crown is restored. It’s shown seldom, but around this time of the year you might be lucky.⛪️

10. Montmatre – here you will find the carousel from the world-famous film
“The fabulous World of Amelie” and the cafe where the film had been filmed. Bu more important is Sacre Cœr another church you should have been too.😄

Of course there are many beautiful places I haven’t listed up here. But you can’t see everything in Paris even if you spend a whole year there. 🇫🇷

I am definitely going to Paris again.
Bonne Année,


2 thoughts on “Paris – Bonne Année

  1. Mia says:

    Wow, it seems as you had a great time there. Your Top 10 is very helpful, thanks. I like those personal and secret tips a lot like the ice-skating place⛸❄️


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